Listen Up!

This is Bigz n Migz Podcast! We are Big-E and Dj Migz, the-hosts of the ever-growing Show, The Bigz n Migz Podcast! Over the past years Dj Migz and Bigz have been developing this show in order for people out there who,like us, enjoy new and  fresh music also something different. We don’t take things too seriously when it comes to ourselves, but when it comes to our artists, who we promote on the show, we mean business. The talents that we feature are very serious when it comes to their work and we take them as far as they are willing to work for it. All of the content that is on the show has been submitted to us by the artists themselves, and that’s pretty much all it takes to get on the show. Yes quality matters, so a some requirements are in order. Just enough to make you, as an artist, and both the show look good. If you want more details please contact us at